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 My name is Karleen Staible. I am a child of the 50s and 60s, 1950s that is; I'm not coming to you from the future, Sci-fi is not my genre, I write contemporary woman with some romance in the mix. Life was very simple in those days; no child proof anything, never locked our doors and my dad left the keys in the car so he could quickly respond to a fire with the Arvada Volunteer Fire Department.


 We lived on a dead end dirt street with seven houses. We played outside as long as our parents allowed us, and objected when we heard the call to go home at night. Each family had a specific whistle or call by our parents. In the open fields, we played baseball or hide and go seek throughout the neighborhood. And yes, we did drink out of the garden hose.

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I lived in that same house from the age of two until twenty when I married my husband, Fred. We didn't stay in the Denver area for very long after he graduated from college.


He worked in the oil and gas business as an engineer. A few years after we married he got involved with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and we were off to Algeria. And there started our Expat lives. We lived and traveled all over the world, met many interesting people and made friends that became family.

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I learned to use the computer on one of our assignments overseas. I’m fascinated with the many things you can do on a computer. I am constantly learning new programs and techniques. I especially like doing special digital art, from video editing to designing my own book covers.


I can honestly say I am in need of nothing. I have had a terrific life, have two wonderful kids and great in-law kids that are happy and successful in their careers. Our two granddaughters are definitely the light of our lives. It has been a fabulous life.


My stories reflect situations and people I have met along the way. The characters are personalities of those people I have encountered, and the places are cities or towns I have found interesting. My childhood upbringing and my heroes are also written into my stories. Each story has a social message; how women or people in general can empower themselves to deal with difficult situations.


 My goal is not to make millions of dollars, or make my name famous; I just want to write books that everyone will enjoy reading, and want to read more.


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