Don’t You Just Love Fall

    Here in the south, we love it when the hot humid days of summer are behind us and the cool, crisp mornings of autumn greet us each day. We don’t have much fall foliage color, so we make our own..


    My husband and I always dress up to answer the door on Halloween night. We get a fair amount of kids, and although we enjoy them all, the little ones are my favorites. The kids think I’m a bird. I was going for the New Orleans Marti Gras look, but I’ll take red bird.


    After a little girl— I’d guess 3-ish—stared at me for a few seconds, she reached in her bag and handed me a candy bar. Oh, so cute!

    Now that Halloween is over, whether you love it or hate it, the holiday season has started. We can look forward to the next holiday. Yes, that would be Thanksgiving—although merchants have been pushing Christmas on us since early October.

    I love Thanksgiving; time with family, eating all the traditional holiday food and trying a few new ones. This year we will be spending time in warm, beautiful Florida.

    It is also that time of year to start thinking about gifts for the Holidays. I’d like to suggest my novel Pearl. If you have already read it, I thank you for your support, and a big thanks to those of you who have written comments on my Amazon page or on Facebook. I love getting feedback and reading how you have interpreted the book.


A modern day ‘Great Gatsby’

This was an excellent story, and well told—and an interesting look inside the lives of two intriguing characters. I found myself wondering how things would turn out between Emily and Derrick, who are both driven and eccentric characters with lives that turn on glamour, fame, and fortune. In some ways it’s like reading a modern day ‘Great Gatsby.‘– K Tumlinson



If you haven’t read it, I think you will enjoy the story.


I will be releasing a new book series soon, Forever Friends

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